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herb butter roasted turkey

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Herb Butter Roasted Turkey with Classic Pan Gravy

The best Herb Butter Roasted Turkey for your Thanksgiving holiday! This turkey is moist, simple, most importantly delicious! In is baked slow in the oven with butter and herbs upside down! Finish with a classic pan drippings gravy to complete your meal!

It is nearly November which means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! My entire family and I gather for multiple Thanksgiving celebrations throughout the week and by the end I am beyond stuffed with delicious food. Since my husband is in the Navy, we travel and move often. This means that we can not always be home for Thanksgiving. Through the years I have done many Thanksgiving dinners completely on my own. I have had some major fails along the way, but like to think I have some things figured out. One of those being is this herb butter roasted turkey with classic pan gravy. The turkey is moist, flavorful and the prep and cooking is straightforward and simple. No more basting people!

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